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"Maybe later..." - we say far too often. Do you feel like an unforgettable journey of discovery of the Azores island of Sao Miguel? Relaxed flights, with which we have had good experiences, are numerous. We are happy to provide tips and otherwise recommend that you enter "Germany" as the departure and Ponta Delgada as the destination airport on Hey dear ones, I was already 6x on the Azores and Kiki and I organize this tour as part of a heart project including all secret places and tips :-) I'm looking forward to an uncomplicated and relaxed troop that feels like exploring the most beautiful places of the Azores on foot together. The price includes a fantastic accommodation- I promise(!) and a tripleader fee for my expertise on site and because I take care of the whole orga! Everything else, what änfällt on site, eg a rental car, we share directly through the app Splitwise among us all. *** Relaxed *** Unforced *** Unforgettable *** - Sao Miguel, the largest island in the Azores, has many scenic highlights to offer: Hot springs, blue and green shimmering crater lakes, lava rocks, laurel forests, sandy beaches and rugged rocky coasts. Contented cows graze on countless green pastures, often idyllically surrounded by stone walls. Some of them have a beautiful view of the sea. Rustic old stone houses stand next to newer brightly painted houses. In almost every village there are pretty white plastered churches with black borders. In addition, the island of São Miguel is the only place in Europe where tea is grown. In Ponta Delgada there are even pineapple plantations. It is a great place for hiking and whale watching almost all year round. Of course, São Miguel also has a few beautiful beaches, even a black beach. We will go hiking 4-5 times (depending on the agreement in the group), have one day off and one day to chill in the hot springs. We will get to fully enjoy the main island. Questions? Ask them away, you are welcome to ask us anything and most importantly:join us and be part of a unique travel experience that consists of hiking, nature, relaxing ... ...
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To Kiki: Hey guys, I'm Kiki. I'm between my studies and my traineeship and I want to make the best of my time. I am stranded on Madeira in and love it here. And I would like to share my knowledge and love for this beautiful island with you. Fabian says I am hard-drinking, funny, uncomplicated and helpful. Let's leave it at that ... :-) About Fabian: Hi, my name is Fabian. I studied public law, lived in the Ruhr area and in Spain, I'm on the road as often as possible and share with you the preference for my favorite islands: Madeira and the Azores...
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Kikis Mädelstrip war unglaublich toll! Kiki ist super freundlich und aufgeschlossen, sie war immer bedacht die Wünsche von 4 (!) Mädels umzusetzen. Die Organisation war sehr gut, aber stets flexibel :-). Kiki ist mit ganz viel Leidenschaft dabei (ALLES was Madeira betrifft) und ist wirklich die allerbeste Tour Guide!!! Hoffentlich haben wir in Zukunft wieder die Möglichkeit einen Trip mit dir zu machen liebe Kiki! Danke für diesen tollen Urlaub! Ich bin sehr froh dich kennenlernen zu dürfen :-).>


Vielen Dank, liebe Kiki, für diesen wundervollen Mädels-Urlaub! Ich kann mich Gina nur anschließen. Ich hätte mir meinen ersten Urlaub "alleine" nicht besser vorstellen können. Deine Ideen/Vorschläge für Unternehmungen, Restaurants & Ponchabars ;) sowie die gesamte Organisation & Kommunikation waren einfach klasse und gaben mir das Gefühl eines Rundum-Sorglos-Paketes! Auch dank deiner absolut lieben und aufgeschlossenen Art, blicke ich super zufrieden und positiv auf den Urlaub zurück. Mädels, es war klasse mit euch & ich werde noch lange von den Erinnerungen an Madeira & euch zehren! <3 Fazit: Ich würde jederzeit wieder mit Kiki reisen! :)>


Eine wundervolle Woche unter Mädels! Die Organisation von Kiki war hervorragend. Besser kann man "alleine" wirklich nicht reisen. Mit Kiki als Trip Leader hatten wir 24/7 eine Ansprechpartnerin, die sich immer sofort um eine Lösung bemüht hat. Kiki ist sehr flexibel auf alle unsere Wünsche eingegangen und hat das bestmöglich aus der Woche rausgeholt. Man hat wirklich gemerkt wie viel Einsatz und Herzblut sie in diesen Trip gesteckt hat. Ich war rundum zufrieden und hatte nichts zu beanstanden. Tausend Dank für so viele unvergessliche Eindrücke. Ich würde immer wieder mit Kiki reisen :)>
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We have 1-2 rental cars (depending on the number of TN) and drive directly to the villa. In the evening we get to know each other better at the first dinner together. When entering the Azores by plane from the mainland, travelers can have a free COVID-19 test done immediately upon entry. Alternatively, a negative COVID-19 test must be presented no more than 72 hours before departure. . . We had both experiences and everything went very professionally and uncomplicated! In the former case, precautionary self-isolation is required until the negative test result is presented. (Maximum 12 hours, which means we can go directly on the first real day).

Lagoa do Fogo

Day 2-3
Start 10.30 a.m. Who has desire, comes along: Hike to Lagoa do Fogo. For many, Lagoa do Fogo - Lake of Fire - is considered the most beautiful lake in the Azores. The breathtaking views of the lake & the volcanic landscape, but also a special kind of magic & mysticism that the Lagoa do Fogo radiates, captivate every visitor. A place of power in the middle of untouched nature of São Miguel. This circular walk takes you from the beach west of the village of Água de Alto, along a wide water channel and the upper reaches of the Ribeira da Praia stream, up to the southern shore of the picturesque crater lake Lagoa do Fogo and back. It takes 4h00 and is 11 km long.

Salto do Cabrito

Day 3-4
The hike to Salto do Cabrito is a relatively short circuit starting and ending in Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande, a small oasis of relaxation where we find hot springs, a thermal pool and a restaurant. However, since the day is long, we will visit alternative hot springs and I will either show you viewpoints depending on the weather. The day is rounded off by the hot springs just mentioned, which give us a bath at 40 degrees. A dreamlike atmosphere, see picture.

Furnas Lake

Day 4-5
Lagoa das Furnas is one of the other lakes. It is located near the town of Furnas, in the east of the island, about 43 km from the capital Ponta Delgada. Lagoa das Furnas is famous for the hot sulfur springs (Fumarolas da Lagoa das Furnas) located on the northern shore. The lake can be explored on a 9.5 km round trip hike, which we will do. We will also take a viewpoint that will extend the hike by 3 km. Attention, here it gets a bit steeper for the first time on our trip ;-) But after that we can so look forward to the hot thermal baths in Furnas. This will be a great and unforgettable experience.

Sete Cidades

Day 5-6
Hike along the panoramic western rim of the crater and descent into the caldeira to the blue volcanic lake Lagoa Azul in Sete Cidades and the green Lagoa Verde. Ascent to the royal viewpoint "Vista do Rei" on the crater rim. The longest hike, permanently panoramic with spectacular highlights is waiting for us... Here we pass the famous viewpoint (see picture above). The classic Azores picture from every travel catalog ... Time for a photo ;-)


Day 6-7
Day off... Everything can, nothing must. We have cars at our disposal and we agree in the group what we want to do. Here, everything can, nothing must. I suggest that we see more springs where we can even bathe under a waterfall....

Pico da Vara - Trail Start

Day 7-8
I hope that the weather will cooperate and I can show you the spectacular and highest peak Pico do Vara. Don't worry - we don't start at 0, but already at 800 meters and have to go up to a total of only about 1100 meters. It takes a good hour to walk up through the forest, then just above the tree line, which is here at about 1,000 meters, on a ridge towards the summit. This section offers the most beautiful - not to say only - views, far over the north coast of Sao Miguel. Above us could well already be a dense cloud cover. The last piece now leads into the clouds, on as from the beginning well marked, but quite muddy path, steeply up the summit. On the summit of Pico da Vara (1,103 m), an already noticeably alpine atmosphere welcomed us last year. After an extensive rest we start our way back. After another hour we are back at the car. A great end to a wonderful Azores trip!
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Azoren, Lagoa do Fogo & 5 more
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