Coworking trip in Antalya, Turkey with a local by the beach with daily guided meditations and art sessions 🧘

Coworking trip

Share living and working spaces with other professionals, exploring the surroundings outside of working hours.

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Hello everyone! I'm excited to offer the coworking trip in Antalya, Turkey! About the trip 📍 We will be staying in a beautiful area in Antalya right by the beach. In the morning we can go swimming and meditating on the beach together before starting a working day in our villa with high speed internet and comfortable space to be productive and focused. In the afternoon we can go to the beach again, or we can do sightseeing around the area with a car, or we can do art sessions and photography! We can decide in the group what feels more appropriate. There are plenty of restaurants with local food as well as food stores nearby. I offer a morning guided meditation and art sessions with focus on creativity and freedom of expression as additional feature for this trip. Materials will be provided to all participants. Art sessions will be scheduled upon the arrival and agreed with everyone in our group. I'm a certified art therapist, Kundalini yoga teacher and a photographer. My goal is to make sure you will leave this trip with something meaningful, as Antalya gave to me. A heart full of memories, rediscovering yourself, or a simple smile on your face. What is included in the package? 💰 🛌 Accomodation 🚗 Car rental 📸 Meditations, art , photographz sessions equipment 🧘‍♂️ There will be plenty of photos 📷 and videos to share with your family or friends :) I'm sure it will be a unique and fun experience together :) Looking forward to it!
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Day 1-6



Day 1-6

We will stay in Kaş, Antalya. Places we can visit during our stay are: Kaputaş Beach - amazing beach for a morning swim Kaleköy Village - historical place to walk around and get inspired Kaş City Center - for an evening walk! Meis - we can go for a day trip to this island! Saklıkent Canyon - can...


Day 6-7


Patara Beach

Day 6-7

One of our morning beach times can be at Patara Beach. There we will meditate, swim and possibly see little turtles! The silky sand stretches for 18 kilometer on this beach, it's a truly beautiful place.


Day 7-8


Saklıkent kanyon

Day 7-8

Saklıkent Canyon - canyon runs 18 kilometers and reaches a height of 200 meters and has narrow passages. The Esen River flows through the canyon and gives life to a huge pine forest, which is now under protection.


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Hello! My name is Anna, I'm a digital nomad, a photographer. I love traveling and experiencing new things!

Profile description: Hello! My name is Anna, I'm a digital nomad, a photographer. I love traveling and experiencing new things!

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8 days trip
Kaş, Patara Beach & 1 more

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