Coworking in Sunny ☀️ Malaga for Female Remote Workers! Discover Malaga, Taste the flavors of Spain, Make connections!

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Hello chicas! I'm super excited that you're interested in this coworking trip in Malaga, Spain 😄 I've created this experience for 3 main reasons: I'm passionate about women empowering women, I want to offer an enriching experience where knowledge, inspiration, good conversation are shared, and lastly, Spain has been my home for nearly 11 years and I want to show you why :) I'm from the US, but consider myself a citizen of the world! 🌎 I lived and worked in Thailand for a year and traveled around SE Asia. After that, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in television. After several years, I got burnt out from the Hollywood scene, so I decided to honor my dream of living in Spain. I lived in Madrid for many years and loved it! However, I decided I wanted a more relaxed way of life close to the sea and made Malaga my home at the beginning of 2022. It's been a great decision :) Now, this is where you ladies come in 🙋🏽‍♀️ I've co-founded a couple of startups and am really interested in this world, and am constantly inspired by entrepreneurs and other professionals who are doing cool things :) Most of my work is online and I've been working from home for the last 2.5 years, which is a big change for me and it can be hard sometimes, as many of you probably know! I'm creating these coworking experiences to meet like-minded women to share time and space. I believe in the power of community as a way to foster creativity, so let's share some knowledge and inspire one another! Here's what you can expect on this coworking trip in Malaga 📝: * This experience is a mix of work, collaboration, and fun * Mini mastermind sessions in the evenings, Monday-Thursday (with wine or non-alcoholic beverages), sharing knowledge or skills * Please be prepared to contribute throughout the week as we'll be working as a team! This includes helping to keep the house tidy, sharing the grocery shopping, pitching in for dinners "at home," and/or offering any bit of knowledge in our mastermind sessions * I'll be organizing a dinner out in Malaga center on our first night together * I'll be organizing a paella lunch on our first Sunday together, beachside if the weather is appropriate * I'll be hosting one evening mastermind session during the week * You will have free time to choose whatever you want to do * The second weekend we can visit the cultural sites of Malaga city center together, nearby beaches (depending on the time of year/weather), or you can choose your own plan, not a worry! * This will be a local experience and all transportation will be by taxi/bus/on foot Location 📍: We'll be sharing a stylish, modern flat in the heart of Malaga center. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There are two private bedrooms (which cost a bit more) and two bedrooms for sharing. The rooftop has a shared swimming pool (seasonal) with magnificent views of the cathedral and La Alcazaba! You will be: * In walking distance of restaurants, bars, shops, museums, and other historical sites * 5-minute walk to Plaza de la Merced (full of restaurants and bars, magical during the spring bloom) * 15-minute to Calle Larios (shopping street) * 15-20-minute walk to La Malagueta Beach What's included in the price 💶: * Accommodations for 8 nights * Breakfast at home during the week * Sharing of knowledge, skills, and expertise in mastermind/brainstorming sessions * WIFI throughout the house * Swimming pool access (seasonal) * Lifelong memories and connections! What's not included in the price ❌: * Flight * Transportation costs to and from the airport * Bus/taxi fares * Food/Drinks (minus breakfasts at home) * Tickets/fees for museums and sightseeing I'm looking for 4-6 female, open-minded, remote workers to join me in Malaga for some sunshine, inspiration, motivation, good conversations, and connections. My wish is that this experience becomes an unforgettable one for you! ✨ Would you like to share this incredible experience with us? If you'd like to join, please send me a message telling me a little bit about yourself and why you'd like to Join My Trip! I'm really looking forward to hearing from you! Warm wishes, Maria
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When I was at university, I studied abroad in the south of France. Since then, I knew that I HAD to explore the world, and traveling became one of my greatest passions. I moved to SE Asia after I graduated from university, and years after that, I fulfilled my dream of living in Spain. Spain was supposed to be a 6-12 month plan. I didn't speak Spanish. I was 30 years old. I didn't know anybody there. And I didn't have a job. Some people thought I was crazy/too old. But I didn't care, I had wanted to live there since my study abroad experience so away I went. My 6-12-months-living-in-Spain plan has turned into almost 11 years! A big reason I love living in Spain is because of how many different "worlds" are at my fingertips. In a couple of hours, I can be in a place with a completely different language, culture, religion, cuisine, etc.....and I LOVE this! Traveling helps break the barriers between us and reminds us that we're all human, living on the same planet.
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Flat Málaga Centro

Day 1-9
We will get settled into our stylish flat on the first afternoon :) As everyone trickles in, you're free to unpack, get to know one another, and/or explore your new neighborhood! You'll find that we have everything within walking distance - restaurants, bars, historical sites, museums, shopping, and more! In the evening, we'll leave from our new 'home' to spend our Saturday night out!


Day 9
We can explore the city during our free time, taking in some magnificent sites of the cathedral and Alcazaba, which you can take in on various rooftops in the city center. There are also many museums we can walk to, as well as Larios Street, which is full of shopping and lights (depending on the time of year)!

La Malagueta

Day 9
Malaga has lots of sunshine, even in the winter, and we will walk some of its many, beautiful beaches! La Malagueta is the closest beach to the city, and from there, we can head east to the Parque Baños del Carmen, El Pedregalejo, and El Palo. Along this walk we'll find many different beach bars where we can grab and drink and/or something to eat. These beach bars have a very specific name, which is "chiringuito," (one of my favorite words in Spanish!)
9 days trip
Flat Málaga Centro, Centro & 1 more
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