There's nothing more satisfying than being lost someplace and discovering something that you were not expecting at all, such as a small pastry shop in an alleyway or a small shop filled with intricately made objects hidden in some corner of the city. I have been to several places, but there's still so much out there to explore. Will you be the one to join me on my next adventure?
I'm a huge lover of all kinds of art: theatre, films, installation art, ...

Art gives meaning to life.
I'm always looking forward to meeting new people and learning from them.
I'm constantly seeking adventures that make the heart high.
Food and Wine
Food and wine always make everything better. I have two WSET certifications.
Concrete Poet
I turn my poems into works of art.
'Diamond-in-the-rough' moments are not rare if you are with the right people.
A Road trip in France! Explore 2 major regions in 7 days!
It's a 7-day road trip, that will start in Paris. After enjoying the great food, wine, and art, we will travel by car to Deauville. From there, we will then explore Le Mont-Saint-Michel. On the seventh day, we will be back in Paris after visiting some of the villages on the way from Le Mont-Saint-Michel.

DATES (flexible)

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Some pictures from my previous trips
White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury
Pictures from another trip
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