Melkon Seferian

Hello! Armenian man with a passion to explore new experiences!
I love to travel, visit the great sights and go for a fun night out :)
Always looking forward to making new incredible memories with other like-minded travelers :D
Planning & Organizing
When I travel, I always do my research ahead in order not to waste a single precious moment.
If there is one language we can all speak, it's the language of having a good time!
Always on the look-out for new experiences.
Who doesn't like food? I love to cook but i also love to try the local cuisine!
Vacation to Lebanon with a Local Foodie😋 and Partier🥳
I love to go out and party🎉 or have a nice drink over a good conversation with interesting people from around the world!
We would be exploring some great sites in this small country and then comes the parties✨
My friends always come to me when it comes to going out to eat (I LOVE FOOD) and they know that if I recommend a place, they are in for quite a tasty experience no matter what kind of dishes are being served (Lebanese🥩, Italian🍝, American🍔 or Armenian🍲). I know where to find the best and cozy restaurants in Beirut and the surroundings!

DATES (Flexible - 7 day trip)
1.Mar.22 - 20.Mar.22
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An Adventurous trip to Paris, France🇫🇷
If you would like to have a trip with all the great sights planned out, let's all head to Paris, France🇫🇷!
Join me on a crazy adventure where we would be exploring the energetic Avenue de Champs-Élysées & more 🌃! The lit-up Eiffel Tour at night where we would go up to the very top and see the whole city of Paris around us🤩. We would be going to a wide variety of great and exciting sites that the "City of Love❤️" has to offer!

DATES (5 day trip)
14.Apr.22 - 18.Apr.22
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Melkon Seferian