Lisa Winter

Hi there! I´m a globetrotter at heart, I love the ocean, rainforests, waterfalls, tree houses & sunsets. But what I love most is sharing these experiences with other people!
YES, I know, it´s a given. But deep-diving into different cultures, livelyhoods, languages and adventures is so incredibly rewarding! Slightly addicted.
I am an open-minded and empathic person - and I believe every person has something special to share. Recently, I have been guided by this saying:
"Listen not to answer but to understand."
...and the philosophy of what it means to be alive. Happy to share my knowledge of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness.
Let´s practice together!
Writing & Photography
Are two of my favourite things to pass time, to create, to invent different worlds and unravel the magic of the now.
Volunteer in the Amazon Rainforest and help with Wildlife Conservation!
Have you ever wanted to have the real jungle experience? This is your chance to have the experience of a lifetime!! Help a local sustainability project with animal care, construction, cleaning, and operational tasks.

21.01.2022. - 21.02.22
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Work remote in Paris, the City of Love!
Immerse yourself in the French lifestyle, get croissants for breakfast, stroll around the Eiffel Tour for a lunch break and dine in a fancy restaurant for dinner - all while working online from the French Capital!
29.112. - 05.01.22
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I have traveled to 45 + countries. Here are some pictures of past trips and travel memories close to my heart :)
CoWorking on Majorca
When it comes to planning coworking trips, Lisa goes out of her way. Anyone wishing to have a good time will find it perfect; everything was in place to assure a wonderful experience. This trip would not have been possible without her meticulous planning and genuine concern for the well-being of everyone involved. The experience was fantastic all around! We owe Lisa a debt of gratitude for keeping everything organized! ????!
Co-Working in Portugal
Adventure, fun and lots of new experiences! :-) Lisa has set up a great CoWorking trip here and I immediately felt at home! We were very flexible in terms of the daily schedule. Here we had a very good mix of work - free time, culture - sports (hiking, yoga, kiting), excursions - events in the villa. :-) I enjoyed the time very much and look forward to further trips, which will be organized by Lisa! Thank you so much for the great time!!! :-)
Co-Working on Majorca
Lisas past TripMates
Lisa is an amazing TripLeader!! :) She organized and prepped everything very well, great communicator, was very thoughtful, and all around a fun, kind and interesting person! :) You can rely on her and she has the ability to create all aspects of a great trip! :) I totally recommend taking a trip with her, and I hope I will have the pleasure myself to travel again together!! Thanks Lisa :)
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Lisa Winter