Tavelling has made my life extraordinary, ithas opened my heart and inspire me. What has made this momments so special has been sharing them with the right people.
Deffinetely one of my favorite ways of spending my money on, alway on the look for the best and most traditional food.
Connecting with people and getting to share our stories is one of my favorite things of the human experience.
Diving, trecking, camping, laying on a hammock, paintingand spending time at the ocean are some of the things that make me the happiest
Getting to know how people live and see the world fascinates me.
Explore Oaxaca with a Local 🌵 🌞 Mezcal, Mexican Cuisine 🌮 Culture 🗿 & more 🌶
As the culinary capital of Mexico, Oaxaca will serve as our base for the trip. This vibrant city is the home of bright and bold-colored colonial architecture, incredibly rich history, artisan galleries, friendly locals, smoky mezcal, and the world's best street food. This still very authentic destination will enchant you with its people, crafts, culture, food and colors.

5 Feb - 11 Feb 2022
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☀️Puerto Escondido, Mexicow/local : Discover the best surfing beaches, sunsets & Food of Oaxaca
This area is famous for having one of the best waves in the world, it is also a lovely chilled town where you can rellax and enjoy the best sunsets overlooking to the Pacific.

This cute little hippie town is located in Oaxaca, the food capital of Mexico, so expect the best food at a great price.

When? 21 Feb - 28 Feb
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Some memories from my ast trips.Unforgettable memories from Mexico City, rediscovering my birthplace with this amazing people has been one of the best experiences.
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This trip far exceeded my expectations! Karla is an amazing trip leader and her love for Mexico and it's food and culture really comes across. I don't think I would have got to experience or really feel what Mexico is like of it hadn't had been for this trip. Definitely got to scratch the surface of CDMX and surrounding areas. Karla is attentive, in-tune and effortlessly makes sure that everyone in the group is having a good time. 10/10 would recommend - definition of good vibes, and made really great friends too!
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Karla is an angel. She had all of the events planned out ahead of time and made them happen like a pro. She's also one of the sweetest people I've ever met. If you have a chance to jump into a trip led by Karla, don't miss it!
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Karla organized an absolutely memorable Mexico City experience for me and our fellow travelers. Our trip was a perfect mix of cultural, social and outdoors experiences. She did a phenomenal job at reacting to unexpected events before and during the trip, and reconciling the needs of all our individual trip mates. At all times, Karla was open and approachable. Ultimately, this has far exceeded my expectations and I hope to be able to join one of her trips again soon. Thank you!
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