Bonjour! Belgian girl here :)
In love with travelling, discovering the world and the people living on it!
Always looking forward to new trips and to sharing incredible memories with fellow travellers.
Nature lover
I find that one of the best way to keep a healthy life is to spend quality time in the nature. Always down for a walk and picnics in parks.
Always looking to make new friends, and for that I love talking to people.
Sharing stories and life experiences with others.
I'm always looking for some fun and new adventures.
I love cooking! For myself and for others. I love to make new friends try my speciality: Korean dishes.
Co-working from the Canary Islands - Sunny Gran Canaria ☀️
Do you, too, want to get away from the cold weather and enjoy a peaceful life on the warm Island of Gran Canaria?
We will have the opportunity to work in a paradisic setting and enjoy sunsets on the beach with white sand and crystal clear water. During these two weeks, we will have plenty of opportunities to explore all sides of the island; hike the highest point, visit the dunes and much more!

DATES (flexible)

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Some pictures from my many trips to Portugal
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Flora Provenzano
Email: flora@joinmytrip.com