I'm Federico, I'm 25 years old and I'm a travel-addict from Italy. I'm always up for the next adventure and I love a challenge, so the more unusual the trip, the better! I'm a skilled driver too, so if it's a road-trip you're looking for, best believe we're gonna have the best one together!
My go-to Italian dishes have always managed to enchant whoever has tried my food, but my fondness for other cuisines has made me a student more often than a teacher. Surprise me!
I've made some amazing friends along the way, people I've connected with on my trips whom I'm still in contact with.
Talk to me in Italian, English or Spanish! Communication is fundamental, and I want to make sure you can express anything you want to me. We are here to make memories together!
Whether it's karaoke night, charades, mountain hikes or surfing classes, we are travelling together to make the most out of it. Don't be afraid to speak up and tell me about your idea of fun!
☀️Home Office on Tenerife - Tapas, Vino and Hikes to wind down after work! 🇪🇦🌴
How would you feel about spending 2 weeks working remotely in the beautiful Spanish island of Tenerife? I am currently looking to share an apartment with 4 more working travel buddies on the island, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife!

03.01.22 - 17.01.22
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Home office in Lisbon - Wine, Fado, Azulejos and Live Music!
Who is up for some amazing live music, accompanied by delicious food and wine after work? Looking to share an apartment with 5 more people in the beautiful city centre of Lisbon! The idea is to explore the beautiful Portuguese capital after work, with stops in Sintra, the beaches of Tróia and Caxias, the picturesque fishing village of Cascais and the northern town of Porto!
24.01.22 - 13.02.22
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These are some pictures from some of the past trips I've been on.
Feel free to contact me!
Federico Cazzola
Email: federico@joinmytrip.com