Application Process
1. Apply through online form
We provide the application form on the next page.
2. Receive feedback within 3 days
After you submit your application, we'll review your profile and get back to you within 3 days. If you're selected, you'll be given access to the JoinMyTrip Academy, which is a video lesson filled with tips and tricks to set up the best trips and make the most money out of it!
3. Finish Academy and pass quiz in 5 days
You'll have 5 days to finish the academy and the quiz at the end. If you score above 80% on the quiz, you're eligible to become a ProTripLeader! At this point, you'll receive access to our Demand & Supply Tool. This unique tool gives you an overview of where most people want to travel to in the next month. It comes in handy when you're creating your first trip! Next step - you can start creating your trip using all the insider tips from the academy.
4. Receive contract within 3 days
Meanwhile, you'll receive the ProTripLeader Contract within 3 days. We use SignNow as a digital signature tool. The contract the legal basis for your status as a ProTripLeader and also gives you the opportunity to earn an extra 5% of the trip price if you bring your own TripMates. We believe that whoever does the work should get compensated for it. Also, we hope that you spread the word about our service.
5. Set up trip within 3 weeks after Academy
In order to complete the application process, you only need to set up your dream trip. Your CoTripLeader will, of course, support you with this if needed. Just drop them a quick message should you need help. Also, you can make good use of the Demand and Supply Tool in order to travel to a destination that is currently in high demand. Please keep in mind that your first trip needs to start within 3 months after passing the academy. We want to make sure that your knowledge is still fresh.

You will also receive access to our ProTripLeader Tool. This unique tool gives you access to a wide variety of additional places where you can find like-minded TripMates for your trip.