Freelance Job as TripLeader - Frequently Asked Questions
Travel the World with JoinMyTrip
What is JoinMyTrip in a nutshell?
JoinMyTrip is a platform where like-minded travelers can find each other in order to go on trips together. On one hand, we have the TripLeader that plans the trips, and on the other hand, we have the TripMates, that join the trips and enjoy a great journey without worrying about the organizing part.
How does this freelance offer work?
Earn some extra money by planning, organizing, promoting and executing trips with like-minded travel buddies from our community.
Do I myself have to go on the trips?
Definitely - as a TripLeader, you are the person responsible for the trip as well as for the group and that everything runs smoothly.
How many trips do I have to plan?
Since this is a freelance job, you can plan as many trips as you want. You need to execute a minimum of 2 trips within your first 3 months in order to maintain the contract.
What is the minimum length of a trip?
A trip has to be at least two nights.
How does the payment work?
In general, JoinMyTrip works the following way: the TripLeader usually sets a TripLeader Fee for his or her workload of organizing the trip - the TripLeader chooses the amount (eg. 50-200€ TripMate).
On top of the total price (including the TripLeader Fee) we add the commission of 8%, which is the platform fee for running our services.

In contrast to a "normal" user of the platform, you would receive 25% of this commission (i e. 2% of the trip price). Summing up, your total payment will be:

- TripLeader Fee: the amount of your choice / per TripMate
- Commission: 2% of the total trip price / per TripMate

Payment depends in the end on the total trip price as well as the number of TripMates who will join your trip.
Can I choose the destinations of the trip?
Absolutely! Feel free to make trips to destinations you already know very well, or explore new countries and regions. Your trip - you are the boss! It is also possible that you do trips in your own country or your own city.
What kind of trips are thought to do?
On JoinMyTrip you can either have Guided Trips or Coworking Trips. Keep in mind that a Coworking trip should be at least 14 days in order to be worthwhile for the participants.
How many weeks ahead should I publish my trip?
We recommend 4 weeks minimum. This will give you enough time to promote and to make sure to find the perfect TripMates!
Do I have to pay for my flight and accomodation?
Yes. JoinMyTrip will not cover your travel costs, but if you calculate accordingly, your expenses will be mostly covered by your TripLeader Fee and the commission you earn.
Is there the possibility getting a fixed job at JoinMyTrip?
We always welcome talented individuals to our team, so if you do a great job, go the extra mile and we see a huge motivation and effort, we will do our best to offer you a fixed position!
What happens if I can not find any TripMates?
This would be one of your key responsibilites. Nevertheless, we have enough tips and resources to support you. So far, we never had a problem with that!
Can I choose who is going on a trip with me?
Yes, you will find your TripMates yourself, having phone and video calls with them and decide who will be the best fit for your travel group.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of TripMates?
We recommend to travel with at least 3 TripMates, and we would say a maximum about 8. But those are just suggestions from our side, because it also highly depends on the type of trip and the destination, your activities and so on.
How is the process for the application?
1. Questions
2. Interview
3. Assessment Day
3. Decision!