Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have questions about the role? Here are the most common questions:
What is JoinMyTrip in a nutshell?
JoinMyTrip is a community platform that connects like-minded travellers in an authentic way - easy, enjoyable and safe. TripLeaders can organize their unique trips and connect with TripMates who can book trips all the while communicating with certainty, trust and commitment. Our mission is to change people's lives by empowering everyone to travel effortlessly in a group and connecting travellers in a meaningful way. We aim to accomplish this through our coworking experiences and guided trips.
How does the Freelance offer work?
This is a unique opportunity to work on what makes people the happiest every day: vacation! You can earn money by planning, organizing, promoting, and executing trips with like-minded travel buddies from all around the globe.

As a Freelance TripLeader, you will be responsible for a variety of fun activities that include:

  • Planning and executing Trips around the globe, especially in locations where our TripMates really want to travel to
  • Securing suitable accommodations and organizing all the logistical aspects of the trip.
  • Creating an amazing experience on the ground - for both yourself as well as your TripMates
  • Promoting your own trips through various channels to find TripMates (we will be training you!)
  • Executing (at least) 1 trip within 3 months

Am I joining the trips?
YES! It is part of our concept that TripLeaders are joining the Trip to ensure an amazing experience for their TripMates. As a TripLeader, you are the destination expert - you know about the top things to do, hidden gems, transportation tips, and the most delicious food to sample.
How does the payment work?
We operate the same way Airbnb does: YOU set YOUR trip price. This should include all of your costs and your fee. You are free to choose how much you want to earn with your trip. Of course, we can give you some guidance regarding pricing. We will explain everything in detail in the TripLeader Academy. Also, you can always ask your CoTripLeader for help.

On top of your trip price, we add our platform fee for our services (payment provider, 24/7 service, mediation service in case of disputes, platform maintenance, development, etc.). The result is the total trip price that will be shown to your TripMates.

If you bring TripMates from outside the JoinMyTrip community you will earn an extra 5% of the total trip price as a success fee. So, in other words, we give you a big chunk of what we would have earned on top of what you earn with every TripMate. Terms and conditions are specified in our TripLeader agreement.

As you can see, there is no fixed income component needed. Together with our existing TripLeaders, we figured out that you earn the most this way.
How much do I earn?
Example calculator for a CoWorking Trip:

  • 4,000 USD / month for a Villa on Mykonos, 4 Rooms
  • 400 USD for a round-trip flight to Mykonos
→ Total cost of 4,400 USD

  • 700 USD per week per Room for 3 Rooms (1 for yourself) renting
  • Renting all 3 rooms out for 4 weeks
→ Total income of 8,400 USD

In this example, you would earn 4,000 USD in 1 month.

Please keep in mind that this calculation is an example. Every trip is different. Some TripLeaders earn more and some less. It depends on your costs and your price setting. All your costs (accommodation, transportation, etc.) have to be paid with the upfront payment of your TripMates.

What is possible with JoinMyTrip?
  • A TripLeader travelling since 4 years without any expenses on trips
  • A TripLeader having CoWorking Trips as the main income source
  • TripLeaders who generally just want to travel for free
  • TripLeaders using JoinMyTrip as a side gig to travel for free and earn some additional income on top

How many trips do I have to plan?
You are asked to travel a minimum of 1 time. Your trip should be within 3 months after signing the contract. Obviously, you can travel as much as you want - feel free to travel non-stop. To make things easier you can of course travel to the same destination multiple times.

There is no contract penalty if the trip is not executed.
How to safely transfer the money?
We operate in two ways:

1. Via Stripe. One of the worlds biggest payment providers ( and Shopify use Stripe). After registering on, you connect your bank account. This ensures that you receive all payments safely and on time.

2. Via manual verification. This is done when your country is not support by Stripe. Payments will then be done via PayPal. For this option, please contact our customer support.
Can I choose the destinations of the trip?
Absolutely! Feel free to make trips to destinations you already know very well or explore new countries and regions. Your trip - your choice! It is also possible that you do trips to your own country or even your own city. In addition, we will guide you with high-demand destinations which generally ensure finding your TripMates easily.

What is the minimum length of a trip?
A trip has to be at least 4 days. For Coworking Trips, we recommend a longer duration. Based on our experience, 14 days and above are well suited for CoWorking trips.

What are Guided Trips and Coworking Trips?
On JoinMyTrip you can either have Guided Trips or Coworking Trips.

  • Guided Trip: explore the destination in your own way, plan activities during the day and ensure a great experience for the TripMates!
  • Coworking Trip: organize a Coworking trip and enjoy being in another place while working remotely with other professionals. Having a ready made plan for the evenings and weekends, you can create unique memories while not using any vacation days from work.

Why should I publish my trip as early as possible?
We recommend you to publish your trip a minimum of 8 weeks beforehand. Generally speaking, the earlier the better for you!

The more time you have the more you
  • can spread the word about your trip
  • attract more potential TripMates
  • get to know your TripMates before the trip
      Do I have to pay for my flight and accommodation?
      Yes. JoinMyTrip will not cover your travel costs, however, if you calculate accordingly, your expenses will be covered by your TripLeader Fee and the commission you earn. In our TripLeader Academy, we will show you how to calculate the best way in order to travel for free and earn money on top of your trip.
      Is there the possibility getting a fixed job at JoinMyTrip?
      We always welcome talented individuals to our team. So, if you do a great job, go the extra mile and we see a huge motivation and effort, we will do our best to offer you a permanent position!
      What happens if I can not find any TripMates?
      This would be one of your key responsibilities. Nevertheless, we have enough tips and resources to support you. So far, we never had a problem with that!

      Can I choose who is going on a trip with me?
      A trip is definitely not only about the destination, but also about the people you are traveling with. You could be stranded in a hut, snowed in, but still manage to have the best time of your life - if you happen to be with the right people! Therefore, it is essential to choose the right TripMates who will be going on the trip with you, and have calls with them beforehand to get to know each other already.
      Is there a minimum or maximum number of TripMates?
      We recommend to travel with at least 3 TripMates, and we would recommend a maximum of about 8. Those are just suggestions from our side, because it also highly depends on the type of trip and the destination, your activities, etc.