Let's work remotely from Spain!
Working remotely is a lot more fun & adventurous with new friends, good wifi and a TripLeader.
We are the world's biggest community of
over 150,000+ trustworthy travelers
Work from anywhere, Travel everywhere!
Move your Home Office everywhere in the world.
With us, you are not alone!
We have a vibrant community of digital nomads always looking for the next trip destination. Our experts TripLeaders will lead you to discover amazing cities as a real local and to have unforgettable local experiences with our lively community.
Let's start traveling together!

A short Glimpse of TripLeader Roxana's Trips
Why travel with JoinMyTrip?!
150 Verified TripLeaders
TripLeaders has gone through multiple verification process that is reviews by our team to ensure the safety of our community.
Part of a Community
Be part of a growing community that gives you a fresh perspective to boost your productivity and innovation.
Cultural Experience
Compared to a normal vacation, you're immersing yourself in the culture, by living and working there you get a true insight to how the locals live.
Over 1200 Destinations
Island hopping in Bali or chasing the Northern lights in Iceland? Over a 1000 different destinations for you to choose from.
Are you ready to join Roxana?
Two weeks of Co-Working in Cadiz, Spain - with daily trips to Sevilla & Gibraltar
What's Included?
Big houses with 4/5 bedrooms, garden and most of the time a private pool.
Local Experiences
Our TripLeaders will authentic experiences and a bunch of fun activities!
They will lead you to an unforgettable moment with TripMates selected by them.
Work Spaces
You'll always have a proper workspace with high-speed internet connection.
You might be wondering, what is this "TripLeader" that we keep on mentioning?
A TripLeader:
Is someone that is able to put their dreams into action and share them
Enjoys leading a group and meeting new people
Most importantly is an open-minded and adaptable leader.

Here you'll find a video breaking down what a TripLeader really is...
What is a Tripleader?

Always with you
Free Cancellation
Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can lead to the cancelation of a trip. Please contact our support team or revert to the cancelation policy on our site.
Allianz Travel Insurance
Our travel insurance will automatically cover every eligible TripMate and TripLeader on every stop included in their trip itinerary WORLDWIDE.
24h/7 Customer Support
Our team is always here to help with anything big or small, whether you have a question before booking, or an emergency while traveling.
They are our pillars, you will be traveling alongside a verified TripLeader who has lovingly planned the adventure
Plan your next CoWorking Trip!
No matter where you want to go, adventures await you and your future Travel Buddies
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