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Warm and Confortable CoWorking from a big FINCA in Tenerife 🌄🌴 [TEST]


Mateo about 1 month ago

Hi remote workers, nomads, and travelers!! I'm looking for 7 people like us willing to join me on our CoWorking trip to the Canary Islands, Tenerife. We will mainly stay in private apartments located in the Metropolitan area, near the city by car but slightly isolated making this place an ideal stay to work and enjoy nature every day. Included: - High-Speed Wifi: 600Mb 🌐 - Beach Volley 🏐 - Table Tennis 🏓 - Swimming pool 🏊‍♂️ - Private hiking path 🥾 - 6 bathrooms, kitchen, and everything else you need to focus on what matters. The average weather is between 26 max and 20 min (degrees Celcius) * More about me on my profile, I'm originally from Argentina, a student, Social Entrepreneur, and adventure lover. Available to answer any questions. See you in Tenerife! Tenerife Norte Airport, ES (Day 1) We will divide into two different groups after arriving at the airport and rent two cars for the whole stay (14 days). I already included this in the overall price since I believe is the best option to move around the island but I'm open to any other suggestion. If we get two 4x4 cars it will be around 90€ each, pretty cheap for the whole stay. Transport to next stop via Car Tejina, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, ES (Day 1 - 7) Let's get comfortable in our apartments, Everyone has their own private room, bedsheets, and towels included, there are 6 bathrooms and enough space to work in private or common areas. From Monday to Friday we will organize different activities for you like morning hiking, Ping Pong and Volley Ball tournaments, etc. Everyone is free to join or not. We can drive to the city at the night and enjoy the warm weather while getting to know more travellers On the weekends we have different activities planned and some other recommendations if you prefer to go on your own adventure. Transport to next stop via Car Teide National Park, ES (Day 7) Let's grab the sunscreen, a good pair of shoes and head to Teide National Park, One of the most recommended places to visit in Tenerife during the weekends. Transport to next stop via Car Barranco de Masca, ES (Day 7) Slightly secret but one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife, we can prepare some sandwiches and Bocatas before going and have lunch there. You can choose to do the hiking experience (usually between 5 to 6 hours) and live the whole experience while going down the river, the helmet is provided at the start. For those who are not interested, we have other destinations planned in the south before coming back to pick up them. Transport to next stop via Car Las Palomas, ES (Day 7 - 8) For those of you in need of some adrenaline we recommend doing paragliding on the island, you will get amazing views from the sky with your own eyes. The price is not included but if we go with the group we can get a discount of 80€ each. There is a more comfortable version of this activity in the sea, you can do Parascending for 40€. Transport to next stop via Car Tejina, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, ES (Day 8 - 15) Back into the Finca for another week of remote work and enjoyment 🌻🌻 I will organize an Argentinian barbecue for all on Monday night and everyone is invited to plan a local meal from your place for the rest of us on the following nights. Transport to next stop via Trekking El Socorro, ES (Day 15) Stars night, Some hundred meters to the west walking from the Finca we are immersed into the mountain with not more light than the moon and a perfect landscape to enjoy the starts without Light pollution. I will bring tents if any of us wants to stay longer. Transport to next stop via Car Monumento Natural de Montaña Amarilla, ES (Day 15) The impressive beaches in between volcanic rocks and craters in the mountains. We can rent snorkel equipment and dive into the water 🤿🤿 There is a seafood restaurant with easy access from the beach to get some good food. Transport to next stop via Unknown Tenerife Norte Airport, ES (Day 15) Time to say goodbye and hug each other. If we achieve our goal, you will have met some life and work friends you will never forget. I will send o you all the pictures taken during the trip, thank you for being part!

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