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Faroe Islands   2 Weeks

Up north - Faroe Islands

Alexa Cristina almost 2 years ago

I’m a 32 yo journalist from Switzerland. Back in 2017 I needed some time off and went working on a sheep farm in Iceland - I‘ve been back several times to this magical place but now I want to discover the Faroe Islands. I love music, guitars, books, animals - and making new friends. I have a serious passion for rock music. I love hearing stories and sharing some wisdom, crazy thoughts and wonderful hours/days/month with other people from around the globe. Strangers becoming friends is one of the most beautiful things that can happen. Other really beautiful things for me (a very incomplete list): - words - mountains - snow - the outer space - suitcases full of dreams - something worth holding on to - everything that makes me work a little bit harder - losing count of drinks and time. I was born during winter time and maybe that's why I'm totally in love with the northern countries. I love rough landscapes and also harsh weather conditions – it helps me quieting my mind. I think, it doesn't take much to make the world a better place - but we all have to give whatever we can to do so. It would be perfect if you could drive a car (because I can‘t) - I would invite you for dinner and beers in return :-) and there‘s this amazing music festival I want to go (google: G! Festival Faroe Islands) It doesn‘t matter if we stay in hotels oder hostels oder b‘n‘b - I‘m totally flexible.

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Hello Alexa, sounds great to go on a trip to the faroes. I also planned to visit the Islands this year by taking the ferry from Danmark.