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Travelbuddy for different adventures


Hannah about 2 months ago

Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm 20 years old. I'm looking for one or more Travelbuddies; for somebody that loves travelling as much as I do❤️ This is not about one specific journey at a specific point in time, but about to find a travelbuddy for a longterm relation, to do different trips to different places over the years. There are so many beautiful places I would love to travel to, but it is just more fun for two or more people. All in all the destination and the time of a journey is flexible and we should develop this together. I'm in love with nature and with discovering stunning landscapes (more than I'm interested in big cities), so I like that to be a topic of my trips. But I'm definitely also open minded for any other things to experience. Actually age does not matter but I prefer you to be younger than 28 years. If you got questions, feel free to text me, I'm looking forward to every message😊

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Xavier Stallmeister
Da habe ich auch schon bilder von meinen bisherigen reisen hochgeladen.
Xavier Stallmeister
Melde dich doch mal auf xxavi_s
Xavier Stallmeister
Hey hanna