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TEST! CoWorking in TUSCANY with a local 💻 : fairytale landscapes, towns, food and wine 🍷


Davide 16 days ago

Buongiorno! I have been travelling to this part of Italy since I was a child and I love it, I plan to rent a villa in the countryside close to Pienza, we'll rent a car too (or two, if need be) to get around the surroundings and towns, go wine tasting and to the thermal baths. We are going to immerse ourselves in the timeless heart of Tuscany, the Orcia Valley, renowned for its sights, its gentle hills punctuated by medieval towns that represent the quintessential Tuscanian landscape. Wherever you look it seems as if the clock had stopped in the Ranaissance! Equally famous is its cuisine, its ham, its olive oil, its local hand made pasta "pici" and, of course, its wines, such as the world famous Brunello di Montalcino! I am looking forward to sharing time with likely minded people, whether during a relaxing evening sipping wine or an exploring adventure when we're not working. I am very happy to share my passion for cooking with you, I do fit in the Italian cliche of the food connoisseur 😆 As a history lover and a former tour guide, I will then tell you something about the history of the places we visit. As I listed below, I have a number of possible activities and places to visit, but of course we will decide together what to do and where to go. The price includes accommodation and car rental, we will share grocery expenditures and the thermal baths and wine tasting are extras. Most likely rooms will be shared. Well, if this sounds interesting don't hesitate to drop me a message and tell me something about yourself, I'll be happy to get in touch with you, ciao e a presto! Pienza, IT (Day 1 - 14) We will stay in the countryside close to Pienza, a small country town that renaissance architects designed according to their image of the ideal city. It is plenty of relevant historical buildings and was declared part of the UNESCO heritage. It is famous also for its pecorino cheese :) Transport to next stop via Unknown Bagno Vignoni, IT (Day 14 - 15) A truly tiny town famous for its open air thermal baths, unfortunately it is forbidden to bathe in the ancient pool, but we can enter the baths of a local hotel. There is also an interesting down the hill and see the limestone formations and natural pools formed by the flow of thermal water Transport to next stop via Unknown Montepulciano, IT (Day 15 - 16) A walled medieval city plenty of towers that also happens to be the heart of a wine producing region, the "Nobile" and the "Rosso di Montepulciano", we may have a walk around and do a wine tasting here Transport to next stop via Unknown Siena, IT (Day 16 - 17) If we want to move a bit further out of our base, we could make it to Siena, the former capital of this region and once rival of Florence. This city keeps its traditions, like the horse race that takes place every year in its main square. The most ancient bank of the world Monte de'Paschi (often on the news in the last decade, and not for nice reasons) is headquarted here in the same building since the 1400s

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