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Central America   2 Months

Sabbatical Trip to explore culture


Lotti about 2 years ago

I have not planned anything yet but I have daydreamed a lot! Mainly I want to explore land and culture, see how business is done differently. Get inspiration for art projects, make human connections, explore myself in a different way. First time in years that I have the possibility to take 3 month off and for me it will be an adventure since I have not left Europe for years. What I imagine is rather slow travel. looking around carefully, staying here and there a while, get in contact with locals. Also I want to learn surfing, learn spanish, do a vipassana and learn to play ukulele or similar. I would like to travel with a like-minded person because I tend to be more alive in company when moments are shared. There is lot more to say but maybe lets start from here.

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