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Looking for Travel Buddies / Roadtrip Canada (around Vancouver) and Hawaii

Kat almost 2 years ago

Hello guys, I am going to Vancouver (Canada) in the end of August. I am planing to explore the west of Canada and want to visit some National Parks like Banff and Jasper. I am staying for 2 month in Canada (September/October) and flying to Hawaii on the end of October for 1 month. I would love to rent a car or van and go on hiking trips and just enjoy nature and good views. So I am looking for someone who would love to travel around in a van/car, share costs of renting the car, accommodation and so on and explore the national parks in the west of Canada. So if you have planned something similar, just let me know! Or maybe you have already planed a trip like that and are looking for someone to join? Perfect! To me: I am female and 30 years old. I am from Berlin (Germany) and I am a really open minded person. I like yoga, hiking trips, being in nature, travelling (obviously), diving, good board games and I am always in for a good road trip!

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