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Iceland   8 Days

Laugavegur Fernwanderweg Island 9 Tage

Oliver almost 2 years ago

Hallo, ich bin Oliver und ich organisiere leidenschaftlich gerne (mehrtägige) Events mit dem Wunsch Menschen zusammen zu bringen und etwas dazu beizutragen, dass wir alle etwas mehr bei uns ankommen. Seit 5 Jahren Wanderungen, Kanutouren, Kletterwald, Zelten und Camping. Seit einem Jahr auch längere Touren im Ausland und Selbsterfahrungstrips, Sinnentdeckungstrips und Abenteuerreisen. This epic tour will take us on an odyssey through a multitude of dramatic landscapes, natural wonders, and places of epic beauty. Let's experience the incredible contrasts in Iceland’s nature, a country often referred to as the land of fire and ice. Let's traverse through landscapes of volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, lava and much more. If you want an off-the-beaten-track adventure that encompasses natural wonders and places of sublime natural beauty, then this seven-day tour is the one for you! If you like extremely basic accommodation with outside latrines and no showers in some places this is for you. We might need to use snow or the rivers to wash and bathe. Please note that it is not possible to buy hot, ready-made meals in our huts along the trail so all hikers must carry their food along with them. All the huts along the trail sell some supplies, such as backpacking dried food, soda and candy bars as well as stoves and gas. Only in Langadal in Þórsmörk is it possible to buy beer and wine. For huts with hot meals see the pdf at the end. We need to ford 3 rivers with knee deep water or up to the butt. If you'd like to spend all nights in a hut there is the possibility for additional 250 euros. There are bunk beds together with other people and really really basic. Be aware that these events have a structure. At the beginning of the event we all have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know each other using different kinds of techniques. Also at the end of the event there is the possibility to share our experience with the other participants and give suggestions and a feedback. This is optional and you can chose not to participate. Event fee: 650 euros Includes: Sleeping on the campsites in tents and 2 nights in the huts because of wind and lack of protection for tents from cold and wind. Transport by bus to and back from the Laugavegur hike.

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