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Spain   10 Days

Exploring Gran Canaria in August

Svea almost 2 years ago

I'm 20, from Germany, grew up in Hamburg but currently studying in Groningen (Netherlands). Right now I have two months off uni and wanna go on a trip in August just to get away for a few days. The plan is to go to Gran Canaria for about 10 days, stay in a cheap hostel and basically explore the island. I do wanna explore the cities but mainly check out some beaches, go on hikes in the mountains and enjoy the nature - just have some down time and see some beautiful landscapes. However, I'm always up for a few drinks in the evening or going out now and then. I mainly wanna explore the nature of Gran Canaria - the sand dunes, the beaches, and, most importantly, go on hikes in the mountains :) in-between I'd also love to visit some of the cities and have some drinks now and then but Gran Canaria supposedly offers great landscapes, so it'll be mainly about the nature :) I filled in 1€ for the travel expenses because I'd prefer it if anyone pays for accommodation and activities themselves but I'd love to share the trip with others :)

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