Central America   2 Months

Backpacking in Zentralamerika starting in like 2 Weeks


Lisa 1 day ago

Hey, Im 31 years old and just finished my bachelor degrees in Social Work. I would love to travel for a couple of month starting around Mid-October, in fact just as long as my money lasts. This also means im trying to travel as cheap as possible, sleeping in Dorms or Tents/Hammocks. Maybe even trying to work in some hostels for the Accomodation... Starting in Mexico or Guatemala and then going south is my plan right now. I would like to hang out at the beach, doing citytrips, culture stuff, good food and some nature trips. I would discribe myself as a pretty easy-going Person and am also looking for an easy-going Travelbuddy. Im also open for your Travelplans, but would love to improve my Spanish. Please just write me a massage and we´´ll figure everything else out. Lets meet or have a online call. I would be happy to hear back from you and your travelplans. (I also got my COVId Vaccine) Saludos, Lisa

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