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3 Days

Amsterdam :-)! Girls only!

Molly almost 2 years ago

Hi :-)! I will take off early from Berlin on the day of departure. The return flight is planned in the evening. I like this city. I will visit a friend there. But she will be working and will not be available all the day. The goal is just to enjoy this beautiful city without stress and without feeling alone even if I like also being alone. So I did not book many activities. For the second and the third day, I am just planning to visit some places in group with a guide, until the beginning of the afternoon. Then nothing is planned. Moreover there is nothing planned on the first and fourth day. But during these 4 days, I will appreciate to spend time with someone else for a lunch, dinner or a tourist event. I like meeting people from all the world. What about me? I am 32 years. I am a French-Camerounian young woman currently living in Berlin for 5 years. So you can write me in French or German too. It would be great to talk together via Messenger Video before travelling together : Take care!

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