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South America   7 Days

Amazon experience


Istar 10 months ago

An adventure in Colombia's Amazon basin will introduce you to unique wildlife, indigenous cultures, and some of the continent’s most pristine jungles.  Leticia, CO (Day 1 - 2) From Bogota we will flight to the Three Borders' jungle. You can buy return flights for about 85 euros. Stay 2 days in this exotic Colombian town. We will be able to do a day trip into the border Brazilian village of Tabatinga. Explore Brazilian culture . Rest by the pool and trek the Three borders Amazon port apart from enjoying local cuisine. Please let me know if you have any diet restrictions ;) Transport to next stop via Unknown Amazon Rainforest, BR (Day 2 - 5) From Leticia we will on board a fast boat reaching a small community in the jungle. In 3 vibrant days we will be able to immerse ourselves into indigenous culture and believes, trekking, camping, getting to know jungle fruits and holistic medicine. You can do some fishing if you like or simply rest on the hammock! Transport to next stop via Unknown Puerto Nariño, CO (Day 5 - 6) Puerto Nariño is the second municipality of the Amazonas department of Colombia, located on the shore of the Amazon River. It has about 6,000 residents, most of them are indigenous and its specificity is that it is entirely pedestrian, no car or motorcycle being allowed, as an experiment in an ecological community. We will spend the night in a hostel. Transport to next stop via Unknown Leticia, CO (Day 6 - 7) Return to Leticia. To make sure we catch our flight back to Bogota we will return to Leticia a day before. We will stay in another accommodation this time, so we can have a good rest and a shower after our adventurous trip to the jungle. We will emotionally say bye to this region and catch a flight to Bogota the following morning. :)

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