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India   7 Days

A small trip to India. A unique experience blend of Fun and Adventure.


Pat 8 months ago

Ready for a cultural shock ? Ready for something different? Most of the Indian trip is focused on Golden triangle or big cities, but this will bit a bit different, which tries to balance everything. Tour shall start from Delhi. We can meet in India In Delhi. We can also fly together from Poland to India and back. All dates are flexible and currently depends on corona situation This shall be my second trip to India. Places that I have shortlisted to visit are Delhi,, Vrindavan, Mathura, Jaipur, Varanasi, Bodh Gaya, Patna. Date and itenary are preliminary and are flexible and can be changed depending on needs and wishes of members who wishes to join the trip. This is a low Trip. Budget per person excluding flight and visa fee is approximately 500 Euros for 14 days for most activities. It includes eating, hotel and fees or charges within India. Planned Itenary is only for 10 days. Which will be finalized near to departure data. People can split the cost equally among themselves for mutually agreed activities. For personal and different individual activities everyone pays for themselves. Since I am a girl so I will be preferring Girls, ladies or Couples. Searching for flexible travel partners who are looking for an adventure, fun and wishes to relax. If you have got any question feel free to ask. Delhi, IN (Day 1) On the day 1 we all will reach delhi and meet with each other, will relax and after that we will do the sightseeing. Transport to next stop via Train Varanasi, IN (Day 1 - 2) From delhi we shall head to varanasi. Varanasi is one of the most ancient city in the world. It is also a spiritual and historic city. We shall spend 1 Day here. Transport to next stop via Train Bodh Gaya, IN (Day 2 - 3) This place needs no introduction. This is where Prince Siddhartha attained enlightenment and became Buddha. Transport to next stop via Train Nalanda, IN (Day 3 - 4) Few kilometers from Bodh Gaya, lies ruins of ancient university. Nalanda. WHich once was Pinnacle of Education in the whole world. Transport to next stop via Train Patna, IN (Day 4 - 6) Capital city of Bihar. One of the Oldest city in the world which lies on the bank of Ganga. Once A Capital Of Undivided India. Transport to next stop via Train Mathura, IN (Day 6 - 7) Yet another historic and spiritual city. City is known for Krishna and Holi. Transport to next stop via Train Jaipur, IN (Day 7 - 9) Jaipur also known as Pink city. Is the city of fort and semi precious stones. A city of kings and queens. A royal city. Transport to next stop via Train New Delhi, IN (Day 9 - 11) In the end we shall explore Delhi. Capital of India. Way too many things to see, experience and taste.

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