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1 Tag Kanutour in Frankreich auf der Moder

Oliver almost 2 years ago

Hallo, ich bin Oliver und ich organisiere leidenschaftlich gerne (mehrtägige) Events mit dem Wunsch Menschen zusammen zu bringen und etwas dazu beizutragen, dass wir alle etwas mehr bei uns ankommen. Seit 5 Jahren Wanderungen, Kanutouren, Kletterwald, Zelten und Camping. Seit einem Jahr auch längere Touren im Ausland und Selbsterfahrungstrips, Sinnentdeckungstrips, Abenteuerreisen und Sinnentdeckundgstrips. Bei diesem Event geht es um eine Kanu-Tour in Frankreich auf der Moder! We will meet in Neuhausel at the indicated spot on the map. There we will be picked up and transported to the starting point in Druesenheim. The distance of the Adventure is 23 km. We will end up at the spot where Moder and Rhein meet in Neuhausel. I will put the groups togther unless you are already a group that wants to be together. I will form boats of 3 people, if not possible boats of 2. What to bring: 1. A smile 2. Snacks, food and abundant water (possibilities to buy food during the tour is uncertain) 3. Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions, bathing suite, stable shoes that can get wet, hat 4. Sun lotion 5. Towel Be aware that these events have a structure. At the beginning of the event we all have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know each other using different kinds of techniques. Also at the end of the event there is the possibility to share our experience with the other participants and give suggestions and a feedback. This is optional and you can chose not to participate. Video: Event fee: 40 euros (Includes Kanadier rental. Transport from the end point to the starting point) I offer 4 seats in my car. 9 euros per person. Please get in touch with me with your mobile phone number via private message, whatsapp or sms. +491624533588. We will meet at McDonalds Heidelberg Station at 8:20.

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