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Travel the far north with your Canada travel buddy! Vancouver, Montreal or Ottawa are wonderful destinations for tourists and offer everything you could wish for! As a backpacker you can also expect breathtaking and exciting trails along the coast, in the mountains, forests and valleys or along the lakes.

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Reise durch USA, Kanada, Australien

30 Dec 22 ~ 31 Dec 32

Weltreise 2022

01 Apr 22 → 01 Apr 23

Canada travel buddy

Canada has a lot of personalities. It is Canadian, it’s a little French, it’s kinda English, it has a major metropolis, and it boasts serious outdoor pursuits. Most people don’t know all the sides of this nation. Canada has been misunderstood since the beginning. Its name comes from the Iroquois word “Kanata,” which means village or settlement. French colonizers applied the word to a large area in Quebec, not just the small place where that Native American people lived. It would be difficult for you and your Canada travel friends not to be entertained in the second-largest country in the world.

Outdoor Life

Adrenaline junkies should head to Canada’s west coast. British Columbia has rainforests, majestic mountain ranges, woodlands and beaches. Ski resorts in the Banff, Lake Louise and Whistler regions offer skiing, snowboarding and tubing that draw snowbirds from around the globe. Canada has resorts that cater to outdoorsmen with luxurious and minimalist needs. There are way more wild animals in Canada than people. It’s easy for you and your Canada travel buddy to spot grizzly and black bears. Not far from the Great Bear Rainforest, lucky observers will see Spirit bears, white-coated black bears, from August through October. All of that is on land. Gray whales, orcas, salmon, seals and other sea life can be seen bounding out of Canadian waters.

Canada’s east coast is alive with fish, too. Fundy Bay is popular for the humpback and other variety of whales that are always breaking its surface. Because Mount Carleton Provincial Park was declared a Dark Sky Preserve, you and your Canada travel buddy will have no trouble seeing every star in the heavens. Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve in the Newfoundland and Labrador province contains the oldest large, complex life-forms on the entire Earth. Don’t forget Niagara Falls has an American and a Canadian side.

History is Alive

History buffs flock to the eastern side of Canada. Because the first colonizers came from the east, so many firsts and battles happened on the east coast of the country. Fights between Canadians and British, French and Americans took place along the ocean and near Canadian-U.S. borders. Canada fought the United States twice and won twice. Of course, there are landmarks connected to the gold rush, oil discovery, battles and other events in other parts of the nation.

City Life

With so much natural beauty, it may be surprising that Canada has five cities with at least 900,000 people — Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton.While Ottawa is the capital of Canada, Toronto is the cultural capital. With the headquarters of television networks, film studios, newspapers and magazines, it is the media capital of Canada. In September, you and your Canada travel buddy can visit the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the premier events in the world. Toronto’s theater community is world renowned. Of course, there are excellent museums and performance arts in Toronto.

Canada’s French Side

Montreal, the capital of Quebec, is Canada’s bilingual heart. Quebec is the main reason French is one of the official languages of Canada. While the official language of this province is French, you and your Canada travel buddy will have no trouble finding English speakers in Montreal and Quebec City. Visitors flock to Montreal’s Old City/Vieux-Montréal, because of its cobblestone streets are living with local boutiques, galleries, interesting restaurants and few souvenir stores in buildings built in the 1600s. Fans of gothic revival architecture must tour Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal/Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. More than 22,000 species of plant life can be found in the futuristic-looking Montreal Botanical Garden/Jardin Botanique Montréal. The Underground City/La Ville Souterraine is a mostly subterranean collection of shopping malls, subway stations, museums and hotels. Its official guide calls it “beautiful, mysterious and confusing.” If you need a break from the concrete jungle, you don’t have to go far. Mount Royal/Mont-Royal sits in the center of the city. The city’s name is derived from the name of the 233-meter mountain. Even if you’re not a mountain climber, the mountain may interest you. From early through September, Les Tam-tams du mont Royal brings drummers and dancers to the base of the mountain on Sundays, near the monument to Sir George-Étienne Cartier and in Mount Royal Park's surrounding green spaces.

Uniquely Canadian

Canada is famous for its love of winter sports, its friendly people and affinity for beer. However, Canada has its own specialities. You and your Canada travel buddy can sip icewine industry, consume Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnuts, and dine on Canadian delicacies like poutine, a concoction featuring fried potatoes covered with gravy and cheese curds.

Canada’s diversity will keep you and your Canada travel buddy entertained and interested for weeks.

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