Things to do in Vancouver

by Anh on 04.11.2019

Top Vancouver tourist spots

Among hundreds of Canadian cities, Vancouver seems to be the most special one, with rich diverse culture and breathtaking nature, which has made Vancouver a travel spot that no tourist want to miss. You will never get bored in the city, because there are plenty of cool things to do in Vancouver. Need some suggestions? Just keep on reading.

1. Vancouver Island

best vancouver tourist spots - vancouver islands

There are hundreds of little islands scattered across Canada’s rugged west coast, but one that stands out for good reason is Vancouver Island. Just a short ferry ride from the mainland of Vancouver, you can be swept off your feet by the immensely wild beauty at a 360° view.

Not only is the nature overwhelmingly beautiful, but the list of things you can do here will keep you busy for a lifetime. From snow capped mountains filled with hiking and biking trails, to mile long beaches, crystal clear lakes and rivers that will keep refreshed on a hot summer’s day.

The island also has an impressive wine region parched on some seriously beautiful properties, perfect for you to reveal in everything Canadian while sipping some of the good stuff.

Here’s our top tips you can’t miss on your weekend or lifetime getaway on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Take a Hike

take a hike in vancouver island

Vancouver Island is filled with miles of stunning hikes, from day hikes to overnight adventures for the serious walkers, or alpine hiking for the advanced folks with backcountry gear.

The most famous hike the island is known for is the West Coast Trail, just a casual 75 kilometers of rugged west coast trail winding through saturated old growth forest and stunning beaches, starting in Port Renfrew and ending in Bamfield. Black bear, deer, eagles, whales, and seals are just some of the friends you’ll pass on this noteworthy route. Talk about spoiled.

Sleep Under the Stars

sleeping under star in vancouver

Try this, one of the most romantic things to do in Vancouver. Vancouver Island has the stillness and the peacefulness you will encounter. Also the lack of light pollution makes it absolutely perfect to spend a night under the stars to find the big dipper and his friends. The sky looking back at you is shocking and we believe something everyone should witness in their lifetime. Pick your spot, pitch a tent and witness the dark stillness of nature all for you to enjoy.

Go Surfing

For the surfers or visitors looking for a slower pace of life, you must go west and visit Tofino or Sombrio Beach. Some of the most beautiful views you can witness on the island can be found on the west coast, with almost no one else sharing the beach with you.

Tofino is a notoriously famous for the surfable waves, quaint village, tacos, and friendly locals. Summer months are usually a busy time for Islanders to head west for a weekend getaway, so prices are generally higher in the peak season. However, Tofino is just as nice in the off season months and you can still expect amazing surf.

Where to stay?

Hostels are far and in between on the island. The best way to sleep is either to camp or find B&B’s or Airbnb’s. Hotels are expensive, especially the ones that are close to everything. Support the locals and spend a night or two on their property. You can find some seriously cool sleeping spots through this way!

2. Vancouver

vancouver city

When your island adventure has come to an end, you can head over to the bustling, crazy, and beautiful city of Vancouver. You have two options of transportation, the ferry or float plane. If you aren’t on a tight budget, we highly suggest taking the float plane over to Vancouver. You will get some of the best views from above on this short 20 minute flight. If you decide the ferry, you will save about $100, the views are still beautiful, but it will take you nearly two hours to get across.

If you decide to take a car onto the ferry, this will set you back about $150.00 depending on how many travelmates are with you. If you can avoid it, leave your car on one side and walk in the ferry instead. This choice will only cost you $17.

Once you’ve made your mission over, here’s our top things to do in Vancouver that you can’t miss.

Granville Island

granville island - things to do in vancouver

Granville island is among the most famous Vancouver tourist spots. Nestled on a man made island and under a bustling bridge, is vibrant Granville Island. This is for the art lovers, music and food lovers. This walkable island is filled with artisan shops, restaurants, bars and a massive daily market filled with fresh BC seafood, fruits and vegetables, and special Vancouver treasures. Eat your lunch outside while watching the harbor filled with sailboats pass you by.


things to do in vancouver - whistler

If you have a few days, head up north to Whistler Village and experience world class skiing, biking and hiking. The village is covered in delicious restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. The nightlife here is also something to mention - you can find a handful of clubs and bars filled with the young and old enjoying life to the fullest. Not to mention, the drive to Whistler is one of the most scenic routes you can take: it’s called the Sea to Sky Highway. The name says it all.

Third Beach

Skip the over crowded Kits and Jericho beach, and head to Third beach instead. You can find this sandy spot in Stanley Park and it’s unlikely you will find any other tourist here - it’s mostly a popular choice for the locals and students.

Stanley Park

This one may sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. In the centre of the city is beautiful Stanley Park, a touch of nature in the middle of the hustle and bustle. A walk through old growth forest while being surrounded by ocean’s seawall. A true peaceful getaway in the middle of the city is certainly a special thing to do in Vancouver.

Where to stay?

It’s no secret that Vancouver is expensive, and you will notice this as soon as you touch down here. On average, a hostel will cost you $25 a night, even for the lowest budget. The good thing, most hostels are in the center of everything so you won’t have to worry about paying for cabs. The bus system is great and can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

An average Airbnb will cost you at least $80-$100, and you aren’t guaranteed to be staying close to all the action.



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