9 things you must pack for the perfect road trip

by Anh on 15.06.

All the things you need for a great road trip

Ditch the mundane airplane travel and hop into that parked car in your driveway instead. See what the road really has to offer and plan your next road trip while taking note of our road trip essentials first.

The lure of the road is undeniably familiar as we grew up driving from point A to point B. But the difference about a road trip is the destination you set out for you and your car companions. The endless freedom and the unknown are exciting. Make driving no longer seem like a chore but something new and fun. Here’s what you need to know before you go on a road trip!

Road trip essentials #1 - Music

neon writing reading no music no life

Music literally makes your road trip days brighter and the road seems full of life with the perfect playlist. You and your travel mate will quickly get annoyed with the radio’s top 20 hits, so take the time and make the ultimate road trip playlist to keep you going.

Road trip essentials #2 - Snacks

loads of packets of little crisps

This road trip essential speaks for itself. You will want to keep the car stocked with tasty snacks and nibbles to keep the long journeys more enjoyable. Make sure you stock up as much as possible before you go, as gas stations off main highways raise the prices considerably for the same tasty treats you can find at your local grocery store.

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Road trip essentials #3 - Febreze

a neon sign reading fresh

Keep your car smelling fresh on the road and invest in Febreze or small scented vent clips. It doesn’t matter how much you try to avoid funky smells on the road, you will encounter them. Better to be prepared and spritz them away!

Road trip essentials #4 - Magic Tank

the engine of a car

Magic Tank is a lifesaving solution to extend a nearly empty gas tank. You can safely store it in your car and use it in any gas-powered engines. It is the perfect road trip essential in case you are stranded and the closest gas station is another town away. Please note, this is not a fuel substitute, only to be used in emergency situations.

Road trip essentials #5 - Your Cars Manual

a book with lots of notes in it

It doesn’t matter how new or old your car is, it’s wise to keep the manual on hand. More likely than not, you will run into some car troubles while on the road. Whether it’s changing the tire or something more serious, it’s a great idea to have the manual on you.

Road trip essentials #6 - Phone Charger / USB Cord

a phone charging with its cable

Never forget your Phone Charger/ USA Cord! This is a road trip essential for charging your phone on the road and playing your ultimate road trip playlist for your TripMates to jam out to.

Road trip essentials #7 - GoPro or Camera

a girl sat on the floor taking pictures with a camera

You are going to cover a lot of ground while on the road, and a lot of that will be scenery you will want to capture on a decent camera. Keep the memories alive and invest in a camera to keep your road trip days unforgettable.

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Road trip essentials #8 - Maps.me

a map app on an ipad

Without this road trip essential, your road trip would be super difficult! Free map app that allows you to download detailed maps that can be used offline without draining your data. Win-win!

Road trip essentials #9 - Toilet Roll

a box of tissues

You never know when you gotta go… Then spare yourself the uncomfortable stretches to the next rest stop and bring your own toilet paper. No joke, this is an essential road trip item that you need to keep in mind.

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