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Top 5 Travel destinations in Asia

Best destinations in Asia as Thailand substitutes

Thailand must be the most popular Asian destinations, with more than 35 million visitors annually. It is true that with its own irresistible beauty, the country has become world famous. But what if we told you there are several other hidden gems in Asia, other than Thailand? There are places just as beautiful, just as wildly cheap, all without the insanely over crowded and populated. Here are our top 5 destinations in Asia besides Thailand that you should consider!

4 Tips For One Bag Travel (+ packing tips)

One-bag traveling and packing light

As the saying goes, less is more. We all fall victim to this and are put to the test with this idea when planning and packing for our next trip. We go through our closets and imagine the time and place we will need all of these shirts and shorts, but it never fails that you regret your decision and you should have ditched the extra luggage at home. Especially if you are planning a backpacking tour, packing light and easy is your #1 priority. Here we have gathered 4 tips for packing light and traveling with only one bag + giving a few extra tips in the end for packing.

6 things to do in Argentina

Tips for traveling in Argentina

Argentina, referred to as the “Paris of South America” is one of the most exciting countries to visit when traveling in South America. This is a perfect destination for any nature lovers not to mention enthusiastic food lovers. Argentina offers everything from amazing landscapes to mouth watering dishes with the possibility to travel also with a budget. If you are planning a trip to Argentina but are not yet sure what to do and where to during your stay then don't hesitate to keep on reading and find out the 6 best things to do in Argentina in 2020!

Top 10 cities to visit in Europe and worldwide (part 1)

Best cities to visit in Europe and worldwide

City trips are perfect for a short getaway whether you are planning this inside Europe or anywhere around the world. But there are not just destinations like Amsterdam, London, Paris or Venice for city trips. Here you will find the best and unique places to visit at any time of the year in 2020! Get on and get inspired for your next city trip!

What happens if TripLeader fails

Iran Trip Report

In April 2019, a group of people joined a trip on JoinMyTrip to travel together to Iran. The trip got a sudden turnaround as the TripLeader had to cancel just 10 days before the departure due to sudden sickness. But no panic, JoinMyTrip was on top of this situation and got everything handled just fine.

Thanks to our broad community and team mentality, JoinMyTrip was able to get a new TripLeader for this trip as soon as in a few days after the cancellation. JoinMyTrip was in constant connection with the TripMates to keep them updated about the ongoing situation. Eventually everything worked out and the TripMates got their trip to Iran as planned and actually the whole trip turned out just fine! Hang along and read down below how this sudden situation was handled and all of the TripMates got to enjoy an enjoyable and fulfilling trip to Iran.

The best movies and books with a travel theme

For every movie-lover and bookworm

We know that the quarantine has been hard for you - because it's been hard for us at JoinMyTrip! Nonetheless, it is vital for everyone to keep staying at home, because this is the only chance to #flattenthecurve
That's why we sat together (over video chat of course) and thought about the best movies and books with a travel theme or travel inspiration so at least your mind and creativity can go around the world! 

So sit back and make yourself a wish list.

8 Tips for Traveling After Corona

All you need to know when the world is ready for visitors

Around the world, quarantines are being lifted, borders are opening up and museums and restaurants are again hosting visitors. Hopefully, the whole world will be open for business soon. When it does, you and your TravelBuddies should be ready to hit the road. To make sure you’re prepared, here’s some advice for meeting in the new world order.

The 10 best travel gadgets for a safer adventure

So that you can focus on the fun things on your trip

Safety is a hot topic when it comes to travelling, and for good reason. For some, this is the very reason they avoid embarking on a new adventure across the sun. They deem it too dangerous and too risky setting off into the unknown. Thus, it is always better if you get well-prepared with the 10 best travel gadgets below to keep you and your belongings minimizing the risk of ruining your travel days.

Where in the world does the Easter Bunny hop?

6 exciting Easter traditions around the world

Easter is coming and that's why we asked ourselves: How do different cultures around the world celebrate this holiday?

We are going to show you Six Cultures that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in their own ways. This makes them the perfect destinations for your next Easter trip! We know, of course, that almost no one can travel internationally right now. Because the places on our list are magnificent all year round, you can visit them when you are ready.

And if you really want to go there on next Easter, be the first to publish the trip on JoinMyTrip, so you can find the coolest travel buddies and share your memories with each other!