Best destinations in December

Top 5 December Travel Destinations

For many, December is the last month they consider travelling. But why? There are the countless Christmas classic to get your holiday spirit on, or the spots or sun-kissed off season treats just waiting for you and your beach towel to have a lay down. We’ve handpicked 5 best Destinations in December for you and your travelmate to consider this winter.

Backpacking Europe

Backpacking in Europe guide.

You love to have a Backpacking Europe trip? But you are still afraid that the different and diverse culture as well as European living styles might be the obstacles. We are here with some helpful tips and tricks for better travel days in this wonderful continent!

Festival Packing List

Top 10 essentials for Festival Packing List

Music festivals can be one of the most memorable times of your life. Hanging out with your friends, watching your favorite bands, sun on your back, and partying until the wee hours of the morning. This is festival life and it doesn’t get much better than that. But all can be quickly ruined if you’re not prepared and planning ahead. Here’s our Festival Packing List for making the most out of your music filled venture.

Top 5 destinations in Asia

Best destinations in Asia as Thailand substitutes

Thailand must be the most popular Asian destinations, with more than 35 million visitors annually. It is true that with its own irresistible beauty, the country has become world famous. But what if we told you there are several other hidden gems in Asia, other than Thailand? There are places just as beautiful, just as wildly cheap, all without the insanely over crowded and populated. Here are our top 5 destinations in Asia besides Thailand that you should consider!

Sail, Jam & Fly

Trip report from our travel bloggers

Sailing ⛵, swimming, diving 🐟 , Yoga 🧘♀, Sunbathing ☀ , chatting & music, music, musik🎼 Together with Ben & Jack, a colorful group of photographers, influencers and travel bloggers, who have sailed around the world for 5 years, we spent a week sailing around Mallorca. Anni and Mathias from Adreamteamaroundtheworld and Elena reported about their time on the boat & travelling as TripMate at JoinMyTrip!

5 Tips For One Bag Travel

How to travel with one bag?

As the saying goes, less is more. We all fall victim to this and are put to the test with this idea when planning and packing for our next trip. We go through our closets and imagine the time and place we will need all of these shirts and shorts, but it never fails that you regret your decision and you should have ditched the extra luggage at home. Here we have 5 tips for one bag travel which may help you!

Tips For Road Trip Preparation

How to plan a road trip?

Freedom should be the best word to describe a road trip. Having the open road in front and the alarm clock out the window gives travellers the ultimate surge of wanderlust. To be the captain of your own ship, the leader of the pack, and the driver behind the wheel, the opportunities are limitless on four wheels. Here are 5 tips for road trip preparation that you better know in advance.

What happens if Tripleader fails

Iran Trip Report

In April, a JoinMyTrip group to Iran got into trouble when the Tripleader suddenly cancelled 10 days before the departure. But no problem for JoinMyTrip! We have tried our network of TripLeaders, friends, acquaintances and colleagues and provided in record time for replacement: Within 4 days, we provided 3 potential TripLeaders, from which the final choice fell on Amir. Without any problems the TripMates could start their exciting adventure to Iran with their new TripLeader. Read the exciting trip report below!

Top 20 cities to visit (part 2)

Best cities to visit in Europe and worldwide!

City trips are very popular, no matter whether the destination is a very traditional one in Europe or a little further away in America or Asia. But there are not just destinations like Amsterdam, London, Paris or Venice for city trips. Here we suggest you top 20 cities to visit in Europe and world wide! Come with us on a trip to the top sights and insider tips.