Coronavirus: 5 Tips for travelers

What to do when a virus cancels your plans

Travelling plus Corona equals headache? Not in our books! We've got your back. Not knowing what to do about something, can often be a bigger cause of stress & angst than what is actually happening. With these tips we want to share some useful information that could help you manage your planned or current trip, if these have been affected by the Coronavirus-cancellations.

Coronavirus: 10 things to do under lockdown 

How to keep busy and carry on “travelling” 

Spending your day at home when you’re told you can’t leave, feels different to when you do it in your free time, right?! The spread of coronavirus has led to many countries putting an official curfew on their citizens, leaving people wondering what on earth they could do apart from sitting on the sofa eating crisps. We have come up with 10 fabulous things you can do instead! Because we might not be able to get on the next plane to visit another country, this doesn't mean us travellers have to forgo our passion completely. 

5 Reasons why traveling in a group is more important than ever

Why we love group travel

Picture this; lockdown is a thing of the past, the borders are opening one by one and finally, there is hope that the world of travel will go back to normal. We might not be there yet, but that time will come for sure. The question you might have is: What will traveling look like, once this pandemic is under control? No one knows the answer to this yet but what we do know is, now is not the time to venture out into the world by yourself. We are sure: Traveling in a group has never been so important and we want to tell you why. 

8 Tips for Traveling After Corona

This information should get you off the ground when the world is ready for visitors

The 10 best travel gadgets for a safer adventure

So that you can focus on the fun things on your trip

Safety is a hot topic when it comes to travelling, and for good reason. For some, this is the very reason they avoid embarking on a new adventure across the sun. They deem it too dangerous and too risky setting off into the unknown. Thus, it is always better if you get well-prepared with the 10 best travel gadgets below to keep you and your belongings minimizing the risk of ruining your travel days.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany in 2020 - What to do and see in Germany?

Top 10 Places to Visit in Germany in 2020

When you think of Germany, what is the first thing in your mind? Probably just thought of beer, sausage or maybe even pretzels. But believe it or not, Germany has a lot more to offer than the obvious noteworthy delicacies. Grab yourself a beer and stay awhile - there adventure doesn’t stop here. We have list of 10 best places to visit in Germany!

Where in the world does the Easter Bunny hop?

6 exciting Easter traditions around the world

Easter is coming and that's why we asked ourselves: How do different cultures around the world celebrate this holiday?

We are going to show you Six Cultures that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in their own ways. This makes them the perfect destinations for your next Easter trip! We know, of course, that almost no one can travel internationally right now. Because the places on our list are magnificent all year round, you can visit them when you are ready.

And if you really want to go there on next Easter, be the first to publish the trip on JoinMyTrip, so you can find the coolest travel buddies and share your memories with each other!


Are you worthy to face Indiana Jones?

Have you ever wondered - am I a real adventurer? We have the ultimate quiz to test yourselves!

The Azores - Island Paradise for Nature Lovers

Do you want to discover a remote island dream?

There are so many beautiful islands on this planet, that have long since been overcrowded by masses of tourists. The wish for a more deserted place seems kind of unreasonable then, but we want to show you how to make this dream come true! Explore the Azores Islands with us!