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Hey bro / Sis (700€ sollten save für alles in jedem Land Pro Monat reichen) Sollte der erste Trip fertig sein, können wir hier einen neuen starten. I will travel to Different city’s , 1-2 Month for each City. I want to live in these city’s, so u can enjoy the real flair of the city. I search for some crazy, open minded people who have to become millionaires in future. We will live in low or high class Airbnb’s. (As more people we are, as better we can live) Istanbul 30 days Airbnb great view 3-4 people: 300€ Dubai 30 days Airbnb, greaaaat view 3-4 people : 400€ São Paulo 30 days Airbnb, more than Great view 3- 4 people 200-300€ ( I’m flexible with each country, but I would like to be in a cheap country, to have low costs) We won’t have high expenses because Airbnb is really cheap. I cook really great and also I’m a Fitness Buddy if u want to come in shape. I have much experience. This is not a travel trip, this is livestyle. What is important to me, that you are as hungry as me to get rich. Better: u more hungry than me. Because we will have days where we work more than we chill, but if we chill, we do it GREAT. Also Im a Tiktoker, so it would be great if you would help me with that. We also can go out, doing shit with people and filming that. It will be more than fun😂😂😂 U can start too, in 7 month u will have a reach from 100-1 mio, that’s possible. I would help you with that, if u want to. Let’s go on. I just want to tell you my personality so that you understand which kind of trip I’m offering you. I will choose my team member really wisely, because we need to have more than fun Hahahahahhajahahshajshsjjajajsjajsjajkalsldkdkskdjje... Look brother/ sister, I’m open minded as fuck, I like to speak to strangers to become more open, no matter of it’s a guy, woman or a dog. That means even if you an introvert, I will get u the bitches. Or if u a woman, I will get you the guys( just because it’s fun to me, getting more open minded is a game I love((also without Alkohol)) Im actually the most easy person I know. I laugh very often as loud as I can, also in public. I don’t give a shit mentality is most important to me, because it’s fucking my live, so I dance sometimes though the streets if I want to. And most important: I don’t have to speak all the time, I’m also very good in being silent and present in my mind. I think it’s 80% silent and 20% Crazy , laughing and screaming because of happiness.-> For me it was important to telling you my personality, because I would love if u a kind of the same. And I’m not a Hoe, so pls don’t be Someone who is flying from bed to bed. ( this will cost US both to much energy) If u would like to get more physical health, a great body, much fun, getting more open minded and if u would like to see the world in a more lovely Art with all the nice people over the world, than im your man. So, u silly motherfucker, Hope I will find my dude here, if u aible to identify yourself with my mentality, please brother / sister in heart, text me. ❤️ Istanbul, TR (Tag 1 - 45) Schon mal dort gewesen? Gesehen wie offen die Menschen dort sind? In den Rooftops mit Jonny am chillen oder in ner Bar mit paar Türkischen Weibchen am genießen? Fakt ist, klar machen wir das, nachdem die Arbeit getan ist😂 Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown Dubai, AE (Tag 45 - 105) Dubai ist Atem beraubend, mehr kann ich dazu nicht sagen. Man lebt dort Billiger als viele Denken. Sogar ein Hotel mit ner guten view gibts hier schon für 900€ Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown São Paulo, BR (Tag 105 - 135) Hier soll’s echt gefährlich sein, deshalb bin ich mir über das Ziel eher unklar, aber darüber können wir ja sprechen. Iwie würd mich der Nervenkitzler aber auch Jucken😂 leben werden wir hier natürlich nur mit einer Heilerin View Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown Bali, ID (Tag 135 - 165) Hier können wir hin, aber müssen nicht. Lass uns schauen wo wir noch gerne hin wollen und machen es dann einfach Zudem: jedes Land ist Flexibel, wir sollten das gemeinsam entscheiden, da alle Spaß haben wollen.



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