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Also tired of the current situation at home? Also worried that covid and restrictions going along with it might pick up again this fall? Join me in Paradise! I'm a 23 yo student from Germany that currently studies and works remotely. Earlier this year I was in Thailand for two months working from there and I really liked the concept. This time I want to stay even longer. (See details below) Why Thailand? -It's one of the few places you can get to easily when fully vaccinated. -Also currently Covid numbers are down, especially in the tourist areas. -It's cheap. Especially at the moment you can get amazing places for super low cost. -It's warm and sunny. -We can travel around to different Islands/places and work all over -Internet is really fast and reliable -There are countless people from all around the world they're doing the same thing just waiting to meet us! Where do we stay? I want to figure that part out with you! My Idea is to get a house for 14-30 days (since that is, cheaper) and just live there. Everyone with his/her own bedroom. After that time we can have a look if we want to change it up and go to another Island/Place. What do we do? Mainly that's up to you! While I would love for us to do stuff together we have to see how our plans and interests align. Mainly we are just roommates. I have to work/study during the week, so it's not gonna be a "do something every day" trip. But my schedule is flexible and the weekends are free. We will meet many people so there will be someone to hang with all the time. Let's just chat about our preferences! For who I am, what I do and how i spend my freetime in Thailand see Info below. What does it cost? -The flight from your place in Thailand obviously. -The places we stay at: I want apartments/houses that are comfortable to live in for long periods of time. Also a big enough place to work is important. My budget for apartments is between 150-300€/person/month. While I was there the last time I meet enough people living for that amount in amazing places. -food&drink: Is relatively cheap in Thailand and in my experience you should get by with 5-10€ a day max. How long? This is the biggest question. Basically, I'm free from the beginning of September until the end of January. But conditions at this crazy time are always changing so it is really hard to predict how the situation at home is going. Also ATM most airlines let you change your dates for free. I would just leave in September and see day by day how it's looking at home. Maybe it doesn't get that bad and we decide to fly back in October. Maybe Europe/your place is back in a total lockdown by then and we decide to stay till December. Who knows. But we will see. You can also join later. I hope a few of you are interested in working in paradise with me. Just message me if you are and we can talk about it^^ Looking forward to it Koh Samui, TH (Day 1 - 7) About me: I try to have a good work live balance whi studying so I allways do things after work and on the weekends. I'm an experienced traveler especially in the South-East-Asia region. Also since I was there just a few short months ago I still have a few contacts in Thailand. Transport to next stop via Boat Ko Tao, TH (Day 7 - 14) What do I like to do? -I'm a diver so I will most certainly go diving many mornings and work in the afternoon. Tao is a perfect place to learn diving so maybe you'll join me? -I love hiking in Thailand so I would love to go explore some viewpoints and hidden areas with you. -I'm a really social person, so I allways try to meet new people and spend time with others. -I like a beer in the evening and a good party. While I do have stuff to do on this trip that doesn't mean i ont have few beers after work with others or say no to a good party.