The big circle arround Australia


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Hey guys My name is Bert . I want to do one of my big dreams to travel around Australia. It will be a big adventure and not just a simple trip. I want to make videos about my journey and also have a mission with this project. So my first small circle just began on 9 of July to approx end of Aug. I want to go up to Cape york, but not the cost line and back further next to the desert. I bought a great four wheel drive car and it has a special design paint. I want to make lots of videos and start a youtube channel too. When I come back to Brisbane, I will continue my big circle around the whole country and visit hidden areas for about 10 months. It will be not a normal trip maybe little bit dangerous. Anyway, I want to take this by myself, but if I find someone I'm willing to share this challenge with someone. If you looking for something different this is itGood luck to everyone Bert



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