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Italien   7 Tage

Discover the hidden Venice


Lucrezia vor 11 Monaten

If you want to discover the hidden gems of this wonderful city, walking off the beaten paths, staying away from the busy and touristy areas, this tour is the perfect experience for you! Walk through the narrow alleyways, discover details about buildings and get insights about places that maybe otherwise you wouldn’t notice simply walking around on your own. Go behind the main landmark such as the Rialto bridge to discover a more authentic side of Venice, full of secrets and hidden gems. Venice, IT (Day 1) Discover the sulfurous side of Venice in its old red light district, and find out how it was created as a political tool. Between the canals, the city's mysterious past will unfold before your eyes. Follow the paths used by great figures such as Casa Nova or Marco Polo. Transport to next stop via Trekking Venice, IT (Day 1 - 2) During the second day instead, we’ll discover how the Carnival was born and its significance for the people of Venice. Also, we’ll take part into a mask workshop during which you will paint your own mask that you’ll take home as a souvenir of this experience! There is a dark truth hidden behind the colorful masks! Do not miss the opportunity to get in touch with the soul of Venice.



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