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Paulina vor 8 Monaten

Hello People:) After finishing our A-levels (Abitur) we want to go on a trip through Asia. By starting our trip we are at the age of 19 & 20. We would like to meet as many new people as possible so we thought it might be a great idea if we search for them before we start our vacation. The trip would be planned with a lot of fun, Partys but also cultural aspects of every individual country. If we waked up your interest, we would be very happy about hearing from you. The best greetings Two adventurous girls from germany ! Bali, ID (Tag 1 - 28) While being one whole month in Bali, we would like to do many different activites. Especially visiting beautiful places and chilling on the beach. If we find a nice group of people, staying in our hostel would be also fine:) When it comes to activities, we are in general very open-minded for anything. Just like the idea of we take what the day brings for us. Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Plane Philippinen, PH (Tag 28 - 42) As in Bali, we also want to look for adventures at this place Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Plane Singapur, SG (Tag 42 - 46) In Singapur we would like to be over the new years holidays for a bit of partying ;)



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