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Hellooo Already as a small child I used to dream about travelling, exploring and adventures all over the world. And I'm extremly greatful that my parents were able to fulfill this desire quite well! But even after about 20 countries I've been, my need wasn't satisfied - the opposite: my wish to experience the whole world increases daily! There are just so many countries, regions and places that want to be visited and since a few month I'm sure: I want to tour the world! About me: I was born in Bavaria as a child with German/Egyptian roots and I also spent more or less my whole life here. The probably most relevant event in my childhood was a sabbatical 2010/2011 with my family (1 year at the beach!), after I finished school I spent almost one year abroad (mainly volunteering) and right now I'm studying Hotelmanagement in Munich. Hopefully after my sucsessfull bachelor-degree in september 2022 and some planning afterwards I want to start my (our) journey in spring 2023. Where: around the world! Starting in Germany and going south/east to Turkey, then a turn trough the Orient and from there finally in the direction to mongolia. That is roughly the first lap (20.000km and +- 2 years), next would be eventually South-East-Asia and/or along the Panamericana and/or frome South Africa back to Europe. All depending on time and other circumstances of course... You should bring: an open mind, thirst for adventure, a good relationship with nature, environmental consciousness and some bravery maybe. Plus points: if you have experience with film/photography and if you are animal-loving :) Financially you don't really need to have masses of savings. How: I won't post the idea online in detail, but I want to travel slowly and especially ecofriendly (don't want to destroy our beatiful planet while expierencing it). Small hint: it's not by bike if you think so. Why: no responsebilities (children or so) yet, still young and naive, still lots of energy the world is now more in it's natural state than in 20 years and because I don't want to regret not living my life doing something meaningful compared to working 9 to 5 the rest of my life. After this journey I want to know and understand me (& maybe you) and the world better than before. Cultures, dishes, flora and fauna... there is so much to learn about our beatiful planet! As a pair you can do all of that even better: sharing experieces, supporting each other and living life completly. Humans are simply social creatures! With the help of this platform the internet could prove which the real advantages of the digitalization are, because it is not easy to find a matching person for such an adventure! Our needs (for example travelling) should be similar to a certain degree... If you have any further questions and if you are interested feel free to contact me! I'm looking forward to a message from you. And of course I could send you pictures, tell you more important details and so on... Have an awesome day! :)) Karim München, DE (Tag 1) Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown Istanbul, TR (Tag 1) Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown Wadi Musa, JO (Tag 1 - 2) Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown Iran, IR (Tag 2 - 3) Transport zum nächsten Stopp via Unknown Mongolei, MN (Tag 3 - 4)



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